Letter from Barry J Burton

To the BOD of the DSO
No board in charge of a major cultural institution in Detroit has ever accomplished such a debacle as this one. I hope you can find some way to justify what you are doing as leaders in a community which doesn’t deserve another black eye
The worst of this sorry situation is this disaster is not inflicted upon us by an international trade agreement or a national financial economic crisis but has been promoted, witnessed and coddled by you who might otherwise be called champions of the arts for Michigan.
What do you think the true great promoters of the arts such as Max Fischer or Edsel and Elaenor Ford would think about the world famous DSO remaining closed even after the governor and U.S. Senator stepped in and nothing could get resolved? What kinds of stewards are you?   How can you believe so strongly that the present situation is justifiable?
I beg you to see the light in this situation. How much money are you for paying for top management and consultants to tell you information that at best, is trying to predict the future concerning revenue predictions? How much revenue loss are you willing to accept to justify keeping the symphony shut down to make up the difference between the musicians’ present offer for concessions and upper managements hard-line and inflexible stand?
And finally, how much good will are you willing to loose in a region which is just getting back on its feet because once that is lost, the damage will go on for a generation? If you want to remember your contributions to Detroit’s cultural scene then please contribute your energy, now that’s it truly needed, to resolve this completely avoidable disaster.
Barry J Burton



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