Letter from Anne Crotser

Symphony Board:

I have been a season subscriber since the 1970s when the orchestra was playing in Ford Auditorium. I am also a retired teacher who served on several negotiating teams.  What went on this fall is not what most would call “fair” negotiations. Once each side has made an initial proposal, negotiations call for moving toward the center, not making a threat that if you don’t take the initial offer of management, management’s second offer will be more severe.  I also  can’t believe you have rebuffed the efforts of Levin and Granholm to mediate this labor dispute and surely the financial power brokers in the city should be able to figure out how to restructure the debt that seems to be at the crux of the financial problems. Also, where were you when the DIA got the Legislature to authorize a tri-county vote in the near future to provide some millage support like the Zoo already has.

Please stop calling me to remind me I can exchange my tickets to cancelled concerts for other event at the Max.  I’m not interested in other events. I want to hear the DSO. I need some “Vitamin S” . I also have no intention of making a charitable donation to an organization that is apparently is bent on destroying a top rated orchestra and replacing it in the future with a second tier  orchestra where young musicians will spend a few years honing their skills before moving on to another city to establish a career.    Last fall, I anticipated simply exchanging a couple of tickets for cancelled concerts in Oct and Nov for extra concerts this spring.  Now I am planning to ask for a refund.

Anne Crotser
Subscriber 330904=



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