Letter from Ann Ourada Strubler

The Seven Deadly Sins:

1. Tolerate interest in the Strategic Plan of 2008 with Musicians.

2. 2009-2010: Create new plan, without musicians’ knowledge, to change the face of American Orchestra, with Detroit as the forerunner.

3. Prompting a strike… through forcing tactics, specifically the introduction of Proposal A with threat of the mandatory Proposal B.

4. Make decision with certain Board members and contributors to not back down on proposals; intentionally turning down contributions and alienating donors.

5. Verify plan to break ties with the union. Gain control.

6. Misrepresent musicians in the press…control the press.

7. Threaten the Musicians with the cancellation of the season, and possibly the next season, in order to re-group and accomplish goal of creating a second-tier orchestra: the Honolulu solution.

I just spent 30 years as a violinist in this great organization, weathering a past strike and work stoppages along with my colleagues. I cannot keep silent any longer.

It is clear that bringing the musicians (not ‘players’) to their knees is the goal. I have simply never seen anything of this nature in ALL the years that I have been part of this extraordinary community. Please remove yourselves from those who only view the DSO as ‘a business venture’ and ‘community service’ venture. We’ll find our money elsewhere. This would be a devastating legacy to leave, with your names being attached to the document.

Respect, collaboration and honesty go a long way.

Ann Ourada Strubler



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