Templates for requesting a refund for unused tickets

It is your right to ask for a refund for any tickets you have for concerts which have been canceled.  We recommend you do this because it increases the financial pressure on the DSO management to resolve the strike and sends a clear message that you do not support their position nor the direction they want to take the orchestra.

Please feel free to use one of the templates (Microsoft Word format) provided below –

DSO Refund Letter Template 1

DSO Refund Letter Template 2

DSO Refund Letter Template 3


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One Response to Templates for requesting a refund for unused tickets

  1. ray says:

    Another good way to help would be to send a letter to the Detroit News or Free Press or to the Board of Trustees of the DSO asking for independent investigation of the orchestra’s finances since 2002. Consultants hired by the DSO are hardly independent and are therefore not unbiased judges of the orchestra’s financial position and prospects.


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