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Junko Asagiri - Desrt Punk (Sunabouzu) Junko Asagiri - The female rival of Desert Punk with large breasts. She first met Sunabouzu when she was chased by Mokoto Kawazu, and, succumbing to his weakness with women, he decided to win over Junko by fulfilling her needs In more ways than one! She uses her ample assets to manipulate him and is known as the "Vixen of the Desert".

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Junko Asagiri (朝霧 純子 Asagiri Junko), is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Desert Punk. Junko is a voluptuous and cunning woman, and she is not above using her well-endowed body to obtain what she wants. This trait is shown multiple times as she bests the famous Desert Punk and.

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Desert Punk (Japanese: 砂ぼうず, Hepburn: Sunabōzu) is a post-apocalyptic manga series written and illustrated by Usune Masatoshi, serialized in Enterbrain's Comic Beam since The published chapters have been collected in 18 volumes.. The manga was adapted into a episode science fiction action adventure anime television series produced by Gonzo and directed by Takayuki Inagaki Demographic: Seinen.

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