DSO Strike Timeline


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  • Elizabeth Decker

    As Detroit is obviously coming back to life, why does management feel the need to choose to take fine arts away? This is just the beginning of sending a message that we in Detroit do not respect culture and intellectual pursuit. We are not a mediocre community. Would this be happening if the higher paid sports teams were involved? Such a sad statement about the state of not only Detroit, but the country at large. People need to really think about what life involves, what calms us spiritually, intellectually, and creatively, in order to make this a better world.

  • Helen Near

    I watched this video with tears in my eyes. The message is sad enough, but much like watching a movie that grabs you dramatically, if you take the audio portion away, the message is driven home, but with far less impact. That’s what music does, and that’s why it is a necessity–not a luxury.

    Helen Near

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