Letter from Joseph Paul Cadariu

As a former assistant manager and director of development of the Detroit Symphony (64-66, Conductor Sixten Ehrling, General Manager Howard Harrington), I add my voice to that of the musicians in pleading to the orchestra management and board of trustees to Save Our Symphony by agreeing to continue serious negotiations with the musicians and resisting the pressure to cancel the entire season.

Under our watch, the symphony prospered with significantly less members of management and more orchestra members, and negotiations were always conducted with mutual respect, forthrightness and transparency. I fear the lines of demarcation are broadening and we are fast reaching an abyss that will bury the orchestra and significantly further degrade the city of Detroit.

As Seneca, the first century Roman philosopher stated: “As the soil, however rich it may be, cannot be productive without cultivation, so the mind without culture can never produce good fruit.”

We need our young, and our old Detroiters to produce good fruit! If our cultural institutions are boarded up by our closed minds, we are left with nothing of value in our cities. God help us!

Joseph Paul Cadariu


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  • Thaddeus McCloskey

    Forget them! (mangament)
    Unless we continue to stand strong and
    carry on our efforts, it is bad for the city.
    Know that we will not give up hope.
    Musicians have my full support
    every day this day forward.


  • Steven Kemp

    YES ! YES! YES!

  • Connie Hutchinson

    This is the best one so far. Thank you so much for adding your voice to the music.

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