Letter from Gilbert Rose

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I cannot be there on Wednesday owing to another obligation. However, I would like someone on the executive board to know that I am holding onto an $800.00 DSO gift certificate which I was going to use towards the purchase of 22 tickets to the Mahler 8th on March 18th at the Opera House (probably a $1500.00 purchase overall). This is something I have been planning since the 2010-11 season was announced many months ago. While the DSO means a great deal to me, if the season gets cancelled I will make it my business to re-structure my musical life differently and the DSO will no longer play a role. That’s not a threat, but I am extremely bitter about the way management and the board have handled this entire negotiation. It’s time for the adults to come to the fore and settle this matter. Of course, I’m just one person voicing my frustration, but I’m certain that many others must feel as I do,

Gilbert Rose



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