Letter from Jennie Baccante

Dear DSO Board,

With the new knowledge of Anne Parsons desiring to cancel the rest of the 2010/2011 season and any future seasons with the Detroit Symphony, I am completely outraged and baffled.  How can the Executive Director who is gainfully employed by the Detroit Symphony do something so incredibly selfish and arrogant?  Anne Parsons must be fired immediately.  From the very beginning of this musician’s strike, it has been clear that this her only agenda is to destroy the very organization that pays her her $400K salary per year.

The reason you are a DSO Board Member, is because you appreciate music; you understand the value of music in everyone’s lives – young and old alike.  Bottom line is that you support the Musicians of the DSO.

Please keep the DSO alive – it’s not just about the Musicians – it’s about keeping the music alive in Detroit and keeping one of the world’s top orchestra’s a top orchestra.

Jennie Baccante
a violinist with the National Ballet of Canada, Toronto, Canada



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