The mission of Save Our Symphony Minnesota (SOSMN) is to promote and support the world-class artistic excellence and stature of the Minnesota Orchestra and to ensure its preservation in our community for future generations.

Strategic Vision

SOSMN is dedicated to organizing, energizing and engaging the community of orchestra lovers to help the Minnesota Orchestra recover from the devastation caused by the recent 16-month lockout. We seek to insure that the orchestra returns to its proper position as one of the very best orchestras in the United States that serves our community with superb performances and educational programs and is recognized for artistic excellence throughout the country and in the international musical world. Our near-term focus will be on the following key priorities:

  • Restoring the orchestra’s premiere artistic leadership
  • Attracting the nation’s most talented musicians to complete the orchestra’s complement
  • Installing new, capable and trustworthy organizational leadership at MOA
  • Driving needed changes in governance, transparency and institutional culture
  • Helping MOA engage our youth and other historically underrepresented audiences
  • Encouraging MOA to pursue innovative marketing efforts with a particular focus on social media
  • Empowering orchestra devotees to be effective advocates  for the organization’s future

Strategies and Tactics
To achieve our mission and fulfill our vision, SOSMN will be engaging the community and advocating on behalf of audience members in the following ways:

  • Working with the Minnesota Orchestra and the community to improve relationships among all stakeholders
  • Communicating with Minnesota Orchestra musicians, artistic leadership, management, staff and board members on a regular basis
  • Helping to restore the MOA’s fiscal health by supporting their marketing and fundraising activities
  • Raising awareness of issues or concerns regarding the Minnesota Orchestra on a real-time basis through social media, publications, media releases and other appropriate avenues
  • Collecting, studying and summarizing publicly available financial, management, legal and governmental information about MOA to promote transparency and keep stakeholders informed
  • Providing an online platform for information sharing and through which patrons’ voices will be heard
  • Providing tools and information to audience members to empower them to be effective advocates
  • Collaborating with the Young Musicians of Minnesota and other community groups, businesses and individuals
  • Working with state and local elected officials on issues needing their attention 
  • Sharing our experiences with audience advocacy organizations in other communities having a similar mission

You can learn more about our plans by reading our January 2014 “going forward” statement on the “Home” page of this website and at this link:http://tinyurl.com/SOSMN-Role

Our leadership team consists of:
Maiellen Jacobson, Chair
Jon Eisenberg, Vice Chair
Nils Halker, Secretary
Linda Murrell, Treasurer
Nita Krevans, Director     
     Michael McNabb, Director
     Julie Stewart, Director

We are supported by more than 100 dedicated volunteers who conduct research, compile information, write articles, respond to articles in the media, and assist with event planning and logistics.

Currently, about 11,800 people follow us on Facebook.